DALTI - Digitizing and DICOMizing of all types of images.

Too often, the digitizing projects have been related to the DICOM images only, of the radiology department only.

Yet, all the medical images are worthy to be stored and processed, whichever their graphic format might be.

DALTI provides the digitizing and DICOMizing, in a worklist environment, of pictures or studies being digital not DICOM, or being analog.

DALTI is able to import the data or pictures issued by various devices or modalities.

DALTI module 'Acquisition'

gives to a client station the ability to receive analog signals and digital non-DICOM data, and to convert them into DICOM, in a worklist environment.

analog signals ( issued by endoscope processor, or by non-DICOM modalities )
  • Conversion of analog signals (static up to 150 MHz, video up to 165 Mhz) into DICOM or DICOM-multiframe.
  • Possible reconversion (for instance into AVI for presentation)
  • Possibility of an alternative storage of the original signal.
  • Control of capturing intervals / images via foot pedal.
digital non-DICOM data ( JPG issued by a digital camera, MPEG2 or MPEG 4 issued by high-end endoscope processors )
  • Conversion into DICOM or DICOM multiframe
digital multislice modalities
  • The studies sent in DICOM or in ACR-NEMA 1 or 2 are directly imported.
  • The studies sent in another digital format are converted into DICOM.
digital radiography (computed radiography)
  • All CR systems provide the DICOM standard and their studies can be directly imported.
existing film
  • The X-Ray films can be scanned, and DALTI converts their images into DICOM, in a worklist environment.